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Home Security Pensacola
Home Security

By investing in a home alarm system, you will be able to manage your home security through the use of your smartphone.

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Business Security Pensacola
Business Security

Every business has its unique security needs. That is why we will take the time to get to know your business security needs.

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Pensacola Home Automation
Home Automation

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to protect your home by just simply looking at your smartphone? With our smart home automation system.

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    Customer service is the main focus of Total Connect Solutions, as well as customer experience. We’ve been in Business and Home Security for over 20 years, and have focused on more Home Automation for the last 9 years. Based out of Pensacola, FL,  we provide security alarm systems for the lower Gulf Coast Area. During our journey, we have helped people to increase their comfort and safety by maximizing their Business Security, Home Security, and Home Automation needs.

    Learn All About the Advantages that Our Business and Home Security System Has to Offer

    No Phone line, No Problem! Thanks to Wireless Security Alarm Systems

    In recent years, one of the most important transformations in the home security industry has been wireless security systems. Wireless home security systems provide the fastest installation possible. You’ll never drill another hole through your walls or run unnecessary wires throughout your home or business. All of the security alarm system components communicate wirelessly with the control panel, allowing you to move components effortlessly. 100% wireless home security systems, or those with wireless features, communicate via cellular signals. A wireless home security system is NEVER what a burglar wants to discover. It can’t be disabled like a traditional home alarm system by cutting the phone lines or internet cables.

    What Business And Home Security In Pensacola Should Be

    Our business and home security systems integrate all your services into a single connected solution. Total Connect Solutions uses customized triggers and smart schedules to connect your home and business security system with security cameras, locks, lights, and thermostats to get the most advanced home automated solutions all in one place.

    Technology at Your Fingertips- Home Automation Pensacola

    Consumers want more from their home security system. They want the ability to automate their homes, keeping them apprised of goings-on at home when they’re away, such as garage and door access, movement within the home, or keeping track of the daily activities of their families —including adults, kids, and pets. 

    They also like the ability to see into their home using security cameras, and being able to check and control lighting, heating and air conditioning use, and energy consumption at any time from anywhere.

    Home automation and security control systems are growing astronomically as the technology becomes more affordable, which makes taking care of the home and loved ones less of a burden, allowing people to do more and enjoy their lives more richly.

    Home Security Pensacola
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    [1] 2GIG-CP21-345E GC2 Panel

    [3] 2GIG-DW10-345 Door/window contacts

    [1] 2GIG-PIR1-345 Passive infrared motion detector

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