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Business CloudControl™ Hosted Video Solutions - Monitor Your Pensacola Business Cost-Effectively

The smart hosted video surveillance system offered by Total Connect Solutions is the only thing you need to stay on top of the security of your business. We use cloud storage hosted video solutions for all video footage, so you won’t need to invest in a separate digital video recorder or network video recorder. With us, you’ll be able to save money without having to compromise on the effectiveness of your business security solutions. Thanks to business cloud storage with video solutions, the installation of these systems is a breeze. In addition, you won’t have to bother with software patching or updates and all your images will be of HD quality. Business CloudControl™ Hosted Video Solutions is a proven system to reduce your initial cost while providing state-of-the-art monitoring.

Check Your Pensacola Business Live Anytime Anywhere With Cloud Storage Video Solutions

You’ll have access to your live or archive video footage at any given time from anywhere in the world, provided that you have your smartphone, tablet or computer and a reliable internet connection. You’ll be able to view one single site at a time or all of them at once.

Think how important that can be to you. Instead of wondering what is happening in your place of business, you can check. You can verify employees are staying busy, check nighttime security, and verify everything is running smoothly from anywhere.

Choosing A Trusted Security Company For Greater Peace Of Mind for your Video Cloud Control

Choose a reliable business security company to help you take your business to the cloud in a secure and effective manner. Total Connect Solutions offers a custom-tailored business hosted video solutions with cloud control that will meet the specific needs of your business.

You want a security company you know will set up your monitoring system correctly the first time and will fix problems quickly.

Features, Benefits, and Customization Of Business Hosted Solutions With Video Cloud Control

How our hosted video surveillance solution caters to your video security needs:

Control – You’ll benefit from top-notch security for your business without having to invest in human labor and technical know-how. You are in control of which cameras you monitor, or if you want to monitor them all at the same time. You can quickly switch from viewing all of your cameras to focusing on a single camera in an instant.

Flexibility – You’ll view live and archived video and get alerts directly on your computer or mobile device, wherever you may be in the world. You will have added confidence while you are away from the office since you know you can check-in virtually whenever you have a spare moment.

Information – You’ll be able to use captured data to track your clients and to improve your work processes and to improve the overall performance of your business.

Convenience – Our plug-and-play technology is very easy to install and to use. It doesn’t take days to set up our system. You can have it up and running in a few hours.

Easy Expansion As Your Business Grows – You may only need to monitor a single location today, but plan to expand in the future. Our video surveillance system with cloud control allows you to expand your system to a new location, or when you expand your current building, without replacing everything. You just add new cameras and they are instantly available for you to monitor.

Here are a few ways your business could benefit from the implementation of our cloud-hosted video security solution:

– Low initial costs with no equipment or software required.

– Secure single or multi-site remote viewing.

– Camera health monitoring and alerts.

– Fast access to the video.

– Scalable solution.

– Analytics to help you improve your business.

Save Money By Monitoring Your Business

Monitoring your business locations reduces loss. You can discover quickly if an employee is stealing inventory, or just stealing time by not staying busy. Reducing loss increases your profits and provides an instant return on investment for your monitoring system.

Do you own a retail business? A monitoring system helps you identify shoplifters, reduce walk-out losses, and provides evidence of crimes. Businesses with video surveillance monitoring systems deter thieves who don’t want to be caught on camera.

Your Business CloudControl™ Hosted Video Solutions gives you complete control, without needing to invest in an expensive digital video recorder.

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