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Mobile Solutions For Your Pensacola Business

Security For Your Business At Your Fingertips – Total Connect Solutions

Convenience, as well as flexibility, are vital to today’s fast-paced business world. Total Connect Solutions understands this and knows that the power and freedom of having your own security for your company at your fingertips are vital to your success. That is why we offer business mobile solutions:

-You can download a free app to your smartphone or use your computer and stay on top of any potential threat with ease.

-You can control your entire security alarm system as well as arming and disarming it. Protect your business regardless of where you’re at.

-Design and create an automated schedule to arm and disarm your system so that you won’t have to worry about accidentally triggering it.

-Read and review your activity reports with ease so that you know when someone opens or closes a window or door or when someone enters or leaves the stockroom or opens or closes the safe.

-Rely on monitored video surveillance that shows such things as cameras and lives video as well as recorded video of the premises. See real-time alerts to know when something is going on.

-Reduce your energy consumption by setting your system to turn lights on and off and to lower thermostats and raise them according to when your business is in operation.

Total Connect Solutions uses business mobile solutions for each business owner through a secure and password-protected system that lets you relax and rely on your alarm system. All from the comfort of wherever you may be in the world.

Business Mobile Solutions From Total Connect Solutions Gives You Unprecedented Tools

Business mobile solutions offer unprecedented control over your business, per the aforementioned points. However, for as much as this technology can help you out with the nuts and bolts of your company, it can also make things better in the bigger picture.

While you can see many specific ways that options like these can save your company money on anything from loss prevention to energy bills, you should also know that you can save payroll and labor expenses too. The accountability that is inherent to business mobile solutions means employees can’t fudge their numbers by clocking in before they’re actually ready for work, overextending their allocated break times, or skipping out for lunch while still punched in.

Being able to track everyone’s hours better means you can help keep them honest, reducing how much you spend on labor without having to cut hours or trim staff. You can also take huge strides in preventing the extra expenses involved with overtime.

You can also prevent unwanted interruptions, harassment, or even potentially dangerous situations. Being able to control every person’s access to your business right from your phone or computer means you can keep out individuals that are no longer welcome within your establishment.

The improvements and speed in communication also are a benefit with business mobile solutions. Employees won’t have to wait hours or days to get in touch with a superior to find out crucial information or important decisions, enhancing their productivity.

For that matter, things should start going so smoothly that even clients and customers notice how much faster and better your business runs. This factor alone can make or break their decision to do business with you, and it might even start generating more revenue from existing clients too.

Business mobile solutions from Total Connect Solutions can make all of this and more come true for you and your company. Don’t wait another day to find out what’s possible.

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