Security Cameras for Business

Using Security Cameras For Your Pensacola Business To Stay Connected

Regardless of your location, whether that be you are at a meeting with a potential client or on the other side of the globe – Total Connect Solutions offers security cameras with video surveillance that will keep you connected with your company. There is nothing better than a firsthand account of what is going on and you will have access to this from your smartphone or computer.

Our experts can create a strategy that is fitting for you and all of your business needs.

The security cameras we offer will allow you to:

– View live footage and/or recording of POS terminals, stockrooms, areas where confidential data is stored and places that are prone to customer traffic.

– Use your smartphone device to control the cameras remotely. – Toggle them on or off and adjust the views as needed.

– Enable motion sensors and receive notifications by text or email when video is being recorded. If anything is wrong, you will know immediately.

– Access archived footage on a secure website. This will prevent tampering or deleting something accidentally that might be needed later.

– Use analytics to learn more about consumer traffic, purchase habits, sales patterns and any other data that may be used to make improvements to your business.

The business security cameras we offer at Total Connect Solutions work seamlessly with all of the commercial security products and services we have available.

Top Business Security Cameras For Offices In Pensacola

Specifications Of Our Business Security Cameras:

Cameras: Our expert consultants have good resolution IP cameras that ensure sharp images. They also ensure a higher frame rate which ensures smoother videos. The outcome is a series of still images tacked together to create motion pictures.

Depending on your particular security camera needs, Total Connect Solutions provides a wide range of security cameras for businesses such as bullet, dome, and pan-tilt-zoom which you can use in outfitting your system.

Lighting: In terms of lighting, we offer low-light infrared security cameras for business that capture clear footage in dark conditions. All our security cameras pick up two-way audio such that a person watching the camera on the other side can converse with the person in vision.

Video Recorder: Storage is key and this is exactly what we offer to all our business clients. For large systems our experts can assist in scaling up your video storage capacity. We also offer expertise in cloud storage where recorded videos can be stored in the cloud and accessed remotely. Total Connect Solutions has the requisite knowledge on how to handle bandwidth that might slow the network, cloud services fees, and how to handle cyber security threats.

Our technicians also look into the camera compatibility with the video recorder. Our NVRs mostly use IP cameras but we also look at the manufacturers of the cameras. For a video surveillance system, we recommend cameras that are able to provide you with the necessary integration information. Our experts also look into compression matters to help in eliminating redundant information from collected footage thus saving space.

Your Power-over-Ethernet Switches

With our PoEs switch connected to your network, you have a power source and a means of conveying data to your NVR in one package. Key when choosing the type of P0E switch is the number of security cameras on the system and how soon you would likely scale up.

Business Security Solutions That Grow With You

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