Business Security

You have worked hard in order to achieve success with your business. Total Connect Solutions knows this and wants to work with you to keep your business security top-notch. We provide business security in the following ways:

  • Business SecurityFire, burglar, and carbon monoxide alarms that are monitored that can save you time in an emergency.
  • Video surveillance to check on your business when you are away.
  • Energy management that helps you to save cost-wise.
  • Access control that protects your business from information theft while allowing your employees to safely do their job.
  • Environmental Hazard protection alerting you of burst water pipes and flooding.

Business Security Alarms for Burglar, Fire, and Carbon Monoxide:

Get Burglar Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarms For Your Business! Having the right level of protection for your property is a must. One way to ensure the safety of your property is to invest in burglar, fire, and carbon monoxide alarms. These alarms are designed to provide the maximum amount of protection against potential thieves, fires, and carbon monoxide.

Fire alarm system pensacolaIf someone is trying to break into the building, if a fire suddenly starts spreading throughout different rooms, or if carbon monoxide is leaking out, you will know right away and can then act accordingly. Total Connect Solutions offers convenient, life-saving alarms that you can have installed inside your business to have even more peace of mind.

Security Cameras For Business - Video Surveillance:

Security cameras provide in-depth coverage and complete protection to business owners. With Total Connect Solutions’ wonderful selection of security cameras for business, the property remains protected 24/7. This is an all-encompassing solution for businesses looking to shore up their property with modern technology.

Security Cameras for BusinessTotal Connect Solutions is proud to offer a world-class video surveillance option through state-of-the-art cameras, elite installations, and comprehensive personalization. All installations are completed by certified professionals and are customized based on the client’s requirements. This guarantees consistent performance and long-term durability.

This is an opportunity to take the next step with business-related security using industry-grade video surveillance solutions.

Business Hosted Video Solutions, with CloudControl™

Keeping an eye on everything that is going on inside your business is important. Hosted video solutions with CloudControl provides an easy and stress-free way to keep track of what is going on with your customers and your employees.

Business security cameras pensacolaYou can watch live footage or play the footage back when you need to as well as get alerts sent directly to your phone. If you want to have tamper-proof video surveillance cameras that provide high-resolution footage both day and night for your business, let Total Connect Solutions help you.

Business Mobile solutions:

Here at Total Connect Solutions, we know that you have worked hard to ensure your business’s success. It’s crucial to keep your business protected, and we want to help with that. That’s why we offer your business mobile solutions. With this, you can monitor and work with your business’s security using your computer or mobile device.

mobile security solutions with home automation system pensacolaSimply download an easy-to-use application that gives you the freedom to:

  • Lower energy bills by controlling lights and thermostats wherever you are.
  • Arm and disarm your security system at will, and even establish an arming schedule that fits your needs.
  • View activity reports in regards to access to your business.
  • Monitor your business via video surveillance.

Business Access Control Systems

We live in a time where data security and the security of the assets of our business are more important than ever before. In this highly competitive business environment, any organization that does not take steps to protect its intellectual capital or its fixed assets will not survive, let alone thrive.

business security systems pensacolaThis is why business owners and executives are turning to advanced business access control systems to ensure that access to premises and the flow of people across the physical spaces of the organization are controlled. The technologies for this access control system are more advanced than ever – with solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual business.

Business Environmental Hazard Monitoring (Property Damage Protection)

Fire and theft are not the only obstacles that can wreak havoc on a business. Environmental hazards, like carbon monoxide and water damage, can create issues as well. Instead of sitting back and waiting for something to happen, you should focus on being proactive.

property damage- flood monitoring system pensacola Total Connect Solutions offers business environmental hazard monitoring that can be a serious step in saving you from losing money, time and customers. Not only can this type of service limit the damage caused if something occurs, but there is a chance that it will prevent anything from happening altogether.

Business Energy Management

We live in a highly mobile world. Business owners today are constantly on the move yet still need to control costs at the office – and one of the largest contributors to business overheads is the amount of energy that the organization uses.

Home Automation and Home Security with Mobile Solutions Pensacola With business energy management, it has made it possible for executives to control aspects of that energy usage from anywhere in the world through their mobile device. Aspects of energy use such as lighting, temperature control and even locks can now be controlled from your laptops and even smartphones.

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