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All About Home Alarm System Monitoring Services - Pensacola

Total Connect Solutions (TCS) offers some of the best alarm monitoring for burglaries, fires, and carbon monoxide protection services on the market to increase the levels of home security and comfort in your home. It’s comforting to know that a trusted home security company like TCS is always looking after you and your loved ones.

Home Alarm System Monitoring In Action

All our home security alarm systems are designed and tailored to the specific needs and budget of the homeowner. The home security alarm system we install will sound an alert to you should an emergency occur. Our award-winning 24/7 Monitoring Center is notified of the threat at the same time so that we can send help. It results in complete protection to your home that will give you true peace of mind.

Home Alarm Monitoring Features For Burglar Alarm Systems:

. Easy to use control panels

. Motion sensors, glass break detectors, and door/window contacts that activate an alarm to ward off burglars and intruders

. Wireless keypads to control the system from anywhere – inside or outside the house

. Mobile solutions to arm or disarm the system and get notified on your computer or smartphone

. Uninterrupted power supply to make sure the security monitoring is continued at all times

. Award-winning home security company – our authorities are immediately notified in the event of a break-in

. Cellular backups to prevent weather or any other interferences with landlines

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Home Alarm Monitoring Features For Fire Alarm Systems:

. Reliable and accurate smoke detectors to save lives and property during a fire breakout

. Our home security specialists will work with you to optimize the placement of fire detectors in your home

. An audible alarm and our 24/7 Monitoring Center will be immediately alerted in case of a fire

A Home Alarm System Monitoring Service Ensures Proper Response to Triggered Alarms

Alarm systems in homes are meant to provide safety and security of a property. When the alarm goes off, it means that there is some problem that requires a person to take further action. But then, what happens if it goes off when the home is unoccupied. Will neighbors respond? Quite often alarms are indicators of emergencies that will require action to be taken by the police, fire departments or medical professionals. The homeowner can help from home security providers who offer a home alarm system monitoring service and can be depended on to respond to alarms and alert the homeowner, as well as the relevant agencies to respond to emergencies.

Home alarm system monitoring services requires quick communication between the installed home security system and the central station of the security provider. The control panel in the home registers an emergency and immediately sends a signal to the alarm system monitoring station. A home security system can contain door and window sensors, motion detectors, smoke detectors, and other specialized detectors. When any of these are triggered a signal is sent to the home alarm system monitoring service through a telephone line or other alternate systems.

The first response by the personnel monitoring signals will be to call the homeowner to confirm the emergency. If they find no response, they will immediately contact the proper agency to dispatch personnel to the home. When a home alarm system is connected to a home alarm system monitoring service, it first sends critical information to it identifying the system, its exact location, and other contact information, along with the type of sensor that has triggered the alarm. This enables the home alarm system monitoring service to know exactly which agency needs to be contacted, and with all the contact information and nature of emergency known, the home gets an immediate response for dealing with the emergency, while the homeowner also receives the relevant information.

A home alarm system monitoring service ensures better protection and safety for the home.

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