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Protecting Your Pensacola Property From Home Environmental Damage

When it comes to your home, fire and theft are not the only hazards. Broken pipes and other flooding can destroy your home valuables and high levels of carbon monoxide can be dangerous. In many cases, these home disasters happen without the homeowner being aware. This is why accurate homedetection is the key to being safe.

Home Environmental Damage From Flooding

Sensors can be placed in any room in the home where there are water pipes, like bathrooms and kitchens. If temperatures fall below 45 degrees, our team will be alerted and we will help you limit the amount of flood damage that is sustained.

Water leak sensors placed in flood-prone parts of the home can detect when water has accumulated. This can be due to problems with pipes, flooding or issues with drainage. If excess water is detected, you and our staff will be notified and the flooding can be handled swiftly.

Detecting Carbon Monoxide On Your Pensacola Home Property

Carbon monoxide detectors will be placed in certain areas of the home in order to alert you of the presence of the toxic gas. This will give you the opportunity to evacuate quickly and make sure that everyone is perfectly safe. Our staff will be notified as well and we will send you help if that is necessary.

We also will replace the equipment every five years in order to ensure your safety.

Understanding The Need For Home Environmental Hazard Monitoring

Poor indoor air quality is a major concern throughout the country. It is recognized through scientific studies and by the government as being a source of exacerbation and illness especially with those that are vulnerable. The elderly, pregnant women and young children are among those that are most susceptible. Radon, organic compounds, and pesticides are some of the environmental concerns that might be a hazard with poor indoor air. In various residential environments, it is common for these types of hazards to be fairly low in their overall exposure and still, it is a risk to one’s health. To prevent these and similar concerns a homeowner must install home environmental hazard monitoring.

Home Environmental Hazard Monitoring Protects You From Lead Poisoning

When the body absorbs lead it can be toxic. Unfortunately, there are some symptoms of this hazard that doesn’t become obvious until a few years after the person is exposed. The average person believes that their skin can absorb lead. The fact is, however, that exposure comes from breathing it in from the air. The lead will be in the air in the form of a mist, dust, or fumes.

Home Environmental Hazard Monitoring Protects You From Radon Gas

Having a home environmental hazard monitoring system could protect you from radon gas, another highly toxic hazard that can be found in your home. It has no odor or color and it is a gas that can get into the home from water, rocks, and soil. It is often shocking to the average person to learn that just after smoking tobacco, this hazard is the next leading reason for lung cancer in America. Approximately 1 in 12 homes throughout the country have levels of radon gas that are higher than acceptable limits. Because it’s not something that can be seen or smelled, the only way to be aware of it is by having a home environmental hazard monitoring system.

These and other hazards are far more common than many people are aware of. It’s extremely important that homeowners routinely check their homes and have ways for home environmental hazard monitoring to prevent these types of environmental concerns. These concerns are health hazards that can be avoided with proper monitoring and awareness.

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