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Top 5 Reasons You Need A Top-Notch Home Security System In Jay, Florida

It is never a bad time to consider protecting your loved ones and home with a super modern Jay home security system coupled with home automation features. 

When the economy starts to hit the skids, it is only natural to see a sudden spike in freeloaders and petty criminals looking to make some badly needed cash the “easy” way. 

Did you know that property crime is a serious issue here in Jay, FL? Property crimes, which include vandalism, burglary, arson, theft, motor vehicle theft and more, are a full 64% higher than the Florida average and 74% higher than the national average. 

With these scathing figures in mind, it is good to know who to turn to when looking to improve the security of your home. Total Connect Solutions is a leading provider of superior home security systems in Jay and knows exactly what you need to keep your home, loved ones, belongings and yourself free from harm.

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The following are some of the top reasons to choose Scott Yingling with Total Connect Solutions as your Jay home security system installer.

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1. Home Security Systems Protect Lives and Valuables

The first reason to have a security system in place is because they have proven to be a successful crime deterrent. Statistics and police records confirm that a home without a security system is 2.7 times more likely to be selected for criminal activity of all types.

Most often, these crimes are committed because an opportunistic mind sees a chance for easy winnings and acts quickly. The presence of a top-quality security system by a reputable Home security system installer in Jay will discourage the opportunistic and even thwart the most determined raiders from accessing your home.


2. Home Alarm Systems Give You Peace of Mind

There are many ways to provide security to your home, but having this work done by professional home security companies is always the most effective. Extensive time and experience in security measures coupled with military-grade discipline and attention to detail have made Total Connect Solutions the last word in Jay Home Security. 

To successfully thwart a villain it is imperative to be able to think like one. These kinds of insights will highlight the weak points in the defenses of your home and ensure that intruders have no chance of getting inside undetected.

3. Protect Homes and Lives from Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

In addition to keeping your home safe from criminals, the right home security system can be coupled with a smoke detection system that can provide a loud and distinct warning of this silent killer. Carbon monoxide and smoke can kill a sleeping person without ever being detected and can happen from something as seemingly harmless as leaving the car idling in the garage.

It only takes a small fire a matter of minutes to reach an uncontrollable level that can do great damage, injury and even cost lives. A smoke alarm system will alert you to the problem so that you can take action fast to protect home and life. 

Protect Lives From Smoke and Carbon Dioxide

4. Keep an Eye on Your Home at all Times With A Home Automation System

Another major advantage of modern security systems is the capacity to monitor your home’s conditions remotely. Total Connect Solutions is a Jay home automation company that provides the most convenient security and home control solutions to busy people who must be away from home for long hours. 

A home automation system will allow you to lock and unlock your doors remotely. This way you will never spend the day wondering if you remembered that important task. You will also be able to monitor the feed from home security cameras and even turn on the HVAC so things are nice and comfortable for your impending arrival.

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Save Money on Homeowners INsurance

5. Save Big on Homeowners Insurance

Some people fail to notice that beefing up your home security can allow you to save cash on your homeowner’s insurance premiums. The amount you can save will depend on the security system installation you choose. For example, if your home is cared for by the top alarm monitoring service of Jay, you can expect a much higher discount than a simple alarm system. Nevertheless, you can expect anywhere from 10% to 20% discounts after a Jay Security System Installation.

The Best In Jay Home Security Companies and Home Automation Systems

To get the most from wireless security services, it is important to have the design and installation performed by the experts. Call Scott Yingling with Total Connect Solutions, a leading name in home security companies in Jay, to have the peace of mind that your home is well protected.

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