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Home Security

Do you feel safe in your own home? There is no question that no homeowner wants to deal with their home being broken into. This is one of the main reasons why you need to protect your family with a reliable home security system.

However, not all home security systems or companies are created equal. Choose a security system and company that provides complete protection and up-to-date security technologies like Total Connect Solutions. We offer home security cameras and alarm monitoring. This will protect your family from burglaries, carbon monoxide poisoning, fires, and other dangerous situations whenever you are home or away.

Business Security Pensacola

Business Security:

You have worked hard in order to achieve success with your business. Total Connect Solutions knows this and wants to work with you to keep your business security top-notch. We provide business security in the following ways:

– Fire, burglar, and carbon monoxide alarms that are monitored that can save you time in an emergency.
– Video surveillance to check on your business when you are away.
– Energy management that helps you to save cost-wise.
– Access control that protects your business from information theft while allowing your employees to safely do their job.
– Environmental Hazard protection alerting you of burst water pipes and flooding.

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Home Automation

Have you ever heard of the expression home automation system but were unsure of its meaning? This type of automated system is often referred to as a home that is considered a smart home. A smart home is completely automated when it comes to important systems such as heating, home security, and lighting.

A smart home will allow you to control all of the above vital systems by means of a computer or your smartphone. This type of home automated system helps to alleviate all of the worries whenever you are away from your home. The better smart home automation systems also include security cameras and alert messages.

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Security Systems

You want to keep your home and/or business safe. After all, it’s where you make your livelihood, and your home houses the people you love. Total Connect Solutions understands this and wants to work with you to ensure the safety of your home and business by giving you top-of-the-line security. Our security systems allow you to:

– Monitor your home or business via video surveillance.
– Sit back and rest easy knowing your home or place of work is being monitored to ensure your safety.
– Use mobile solutions that let you take control of your security.
– Enjoy energy management that helps to reduce your costs.

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